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Real women experience real relief with Evernow—in fact 70% of women feel better within three months. But don’t take our word for it—read on for some of their stories.

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"I have never had a doctor I could talk to like this. I wish the whole medical field would go to this system, so much more efficient and effective."


Sharon, 53

They seem to appreciate and authentically respond in a quick, professional way. I would whole heartedly recommend evernow.

Wendy, 55

The way I feel so supported and like I can ask anything with ease is very important to me. I also enjoy the easy access to the care team and the quick responses.

Bonnie, 64

There always a medical professional there to ask questions and they responded quickly to your question.

Suzanne, 50

Improved mood, decreased cravings, decreased irritability, some improved sleep but still early in my treatment so may level out even more, clearer skin, increased energy, decreased muscle tension and pain when take progesterone pills.

Sarah, 50

I would say it is safe, convenient and almost like an invisible shield against menopausal side effects, you don't know you are wearing the patch but the results are great and quite fast. It is convenient and I saw good results for mood, sleep and night sweats after two weeks. I plan to come back after my healthcare savings plan fills back up.

Lejuana, 45

Y’all take time to listen to my needs and do what’s best for my health in having patience with me.

Carmel, 55

I recommend Evernow because it has helped me with night sweats and the brain fogginess. I feel like my old self before menopause.

Linda, 64

I'm in week 3 and I have had 2 nights without a night sweat.

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